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                                                 DONNY QUINN


Represented By Claire Sim                                                                                                           Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown

                                 Height: 5’10”   

                                 ACTRA /UDA




The Factory                                                                       Principal                       Dark Castle Entertainment/Morgan O’Neill

Infected                                                                             Principal                       Muse Entertainment/Adam Weissman

Sophie                                                                               Principal                       CBC/Eric Tessier

Afterwards                                                                        Principal                       Christal Films/Fidelite Films/Gilles Bourdos

Let The Game Being                                                        Principal                       Twisted Light Productions/Amit Gupta

3 Saisons                                                                           Principal                       Alliage 3 Entertainment/Jim Donovan

Serveuses Demandées                                                       Principal                       Films Amerique/Guylaine Dionne

A Dennis The Menace X-mas                                           Principal                       Valkyrie Films/Warner Home/Ron Oliver

Saunder’s Farm                                                                 Supporting                    F.A.T. Productions

A Life Interrupted                                                             Principal                       Incendo Productions/Stefan Pleszczyski

Abducted: Fugitive For Love                                            Principal                       Incendo Productions/Richard Roy

Crossing Nirvana                                                               Lead                             Alienated Toad Prod./Incendo/Martin Forcier

Bethune (Miniseries)                                                         Series Regular              Hi Run Productions/Yang Yang

Guy X                                                                                Supporting                    Film & Music Ent./Saul Metzstein

See This Movie                                                                  Principal                       David M. Rosenthal

Slow Burn                                                                          Principal                       Bonnie Timmermann Prods./ Wayne Beach

Seriously Weird (15 eps.)                                                  Series Regular              Cinegroup/Granada/Various

Federal Protection                                                              Principal                       TNT/Anthony Hickox

Student Bodies                                                                   Principal                       Telescene/Various

Race Against Time                                                            Actor                             TNT/Geoff Murphy

Nuit de Noces                                                                    Actor                             Cinemaginaire/Émile Gaudreault




Blood Brothers                                                                  Lead                              M. Camacho

Mr. Palmer’s Neighbour                                                   Lead                              W. Steven Lecky

When We Were Married                                                   Principal                        Bertrand Henry

You Can’t Take it With You                                             Principal                       Winston Sutton

Pericles                                                                              Lead                              John Lucas




Dawson College – ‘Professional Theatre Program’ Make-up, Interpretation, Text, Movement, Improvisation, Voice Studio, Reflections, Stage Combat and Film Studio



Specialty: Bartender, Stunts, Various Voices and Dialects

Driving: Automatic (Licensed)

Fluent in English, French, and Italian


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